REPUBLICANS RUNNING SCARED?….Fred Barnes has an article in the Weekly Standard suggesting that John Kerry should be easy pickings for Republicans:

But if Kerry is a target-rich environment, why are Republicans and conservatives despairing over Bush’s chances of defeating him? The answer is they’ve succumbed to panic. Sure, Bush has had a bad month. His State of the Union address was flat. The failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (yet) is embarrassing. The National Guard flap is a distraction. The deficit is nothing to brag about.

Is this really true? Are Republicans actually in a lather over Bush’s chances in November? Barnes is obviously more plugged into conservatives circles than I am, and he sure seems to think so:

Nothing is more pathetic in the Washington political community these days than tremulous Republicans and conservatives who whine about how Bush may lose to Kerry. Well, he might, but don’t bet on it.

“Well, he might”? That’s cheery news for us Dems, isn’t it? And many thanks to Barnes for pointing out all the good reasons why Bush ought to be running scared.

Of course, he forgot one: the Valerie Plame investigation looks set to bust open fairly soon and may take the Vice President’s office down with it. Another cheery thought.