SPUTTER, SPUTTER….As we flew over Denver on my last cross-country flight the pilot told us, “I’m pleased by the fact that in the past five hours we’ve covered nearly 1000 miles.”

Pandemonium broke loose. We were only over Denver? After five hours we should have been on approach to LaGuardia. What the hell was going on? The plane was full of reporters and they were demanding to know what kind of crappy pilot we had.

Ahem. Just a bad dream there. Sorry.

And my point? Just this: maybe if Washington reporters knew as much about economics as they do about how fast airplanes fly ? which isn’t really that much, actually ? they’d realize what a boatload of swill they get fed every day by the White House. Josh Marshall has the wretchedly complex mathematical details.

But you’ll still end up wondering what kind of crappy pilot would actually be proud of this kind of performance.

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