GAY MARRIAGE EVERYWHERE!….Vermont has civil unions, of course, and we all know that the Massachussetts Supreme Court recently ruled that gay marriage was legal there too. Now it’s snowballing.

San Francisco has issued thousands of marriage certificates to gay couples and is challenging California’s law against gay marriage in court. Then Chicago Mayor Richard Daley suggested that Cook County ought to perform a few gay marriages, and now, via Atrios, it looks like a county clerk in New Mexico plans to issue a few licenses as well.

Amazing how this stuff becomes a firestorm so quickly, isn’t it? All it takes is one county clerk in each state and pretty soon we’ll have legal battles going in every state in the union. Should be fun.

And speaking of gay marriage, how are things going in Canada? Has the institution of marriage completely disintegrated yet? Just wondering.

UPDATE: Looks like New Mexico is doing more than planning: licenses have now been issued and marriages performed. Let the court case commence!

UPDATE 2: And here are some pictures of the happy couples courtesy of The Coyote’s Bark, a New Mexico blog.