DICK CHENEY: NO AUDIE MURPHY?….I’m saddened, of course, that my preoccupation with George Bush’s National Guard record has been brought to a halt by the lack of any solid evidence that he did anything wrong. Sigh. Needless to say, I keep hoping that our intrepid corps of investigative journalists is busily digging away and will eventually come up with something juicy.

In the meantime, the conservative Byron York has been talking to his conservative friends and says that Dick Cheney may be next on the chopping block:

“There’s going to be a massive attack on Dick Cheney soon,” says one source who keeps up with such matters. “The Cheney story of deferments makes Bush look like Audie Murphy.”

I’ll bet it does. I eagerly await the details.

POSTSCRIPT: In case you don’t get the Audie Murphy reference, click here.

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