SO MANY QUESTIONS….Matt Yglesias suggests today that (a) good sex is ipso facto a good thing and the government should encourage it, (b) Christians would probably be happier about church-state separation if Christians were a minority, and (c) if we had 100% taxation on incomes over $400,000 then no one would bother paying anyone more than $400,000.

To which I say, (a) if Christians were a minority maybe we’d have more good sex in this country, (b) you can’t tax sex, and (c) how come no one cares about people with incomes of $400,000 having too much sex? Confused? Read this paragraph again very carefully and you will see a solution to all of Matt’s problems.

Matt is also confused about the President’s “policy” on Social Security reform:

Is Larry Lindsey really incapable of doing math? Is the president really unable to sit through a proper briefing on this subject? Or is someone else trying to keep key players in the dark, lest they propose a politically damaging but mathematically sound policy?

These are good questions. To understand why he’s asking them, you really need to read this Brad DeLong post, which is both frightening and enlightening all at once. I know that we liberals have sort of given up on the “Bush is a moron” theme, but we might just have to dredge it up again….