GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ….I was planning to write a post about the good news coming out of Iraq recently, but David Adesnik beat me to it. He hit all the points I was going to make, so go read his post and just pretend that I wrote it.

If all this stuff is true, it’s good news indeed. My only quibble is with the approval of an interim constitution. It’s true that the document the IGC signed off on is pretty liberal, but as Juan Cole points out, that just means no one wanted to jeopardize the June 30 handover by holding things up, so instead they decided to save the real fight for the constitutional convention next year.

Still, once something gets written down it tends to become the baseline for further negotiation, so the interim constitution probably represents some real progress anyway. And getting the oil pumping and cutting down on coalition casualties is definitely progress.

It could all still go to hell, of course. But it’s still nice to hear something positive coming out of Iraq.

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