GOD AND AMERICA….I read about this yesterday but just idly surfed on by (sorry, Amy). Today, Brian Montopoli jerks me back into reality and asks: what the hell was Elisabeth Bumiller doing in Sunday’s debate posing an idiotic question like “Is God on America’s side”?

Brian is right. What kind of answer can you possibly give to that? This is not a question a real reporter would ask, it’s the question a too-clever-by-half high school sophomore would ask with a satisfied smirk on her face. Let’s see you answer that!

On the other hand, John Kerry said God was on our side “most” of the time and I can think of lots of good answers for James Lileks’ followup question, “Well, Senator Kerry, when wasn’t He?” Um, when we were busy exterminating native Americans? When we were importing Africans into slavery? When we sat around and did nothing about genocide in Rwanda? I’m going to take a wild guess and say that God might want us to think twice about a few episodes like that in our history.


UPDATE: Matt Welch has a few more questions for future Bumiller wannabes.