HAITI ROUNDUP….Do I have this right?

Aristide is no poster boy for human rights, but he was elected fair and (mostly) square. The rebels, by unanimous consent, really are just a gang of thugs, but it’s possible they’re better than Aristide. Or maybe not. What’s more, the United States might have been backing them with arms and support. Or maybe not.

Whose fault was the breakdown in Haiti? Was Aristide just reaping what he sowed? Maybe. And did Aristide leave of his own (sort of) free will, or was he forced at gunpoint by U.S. troops. Who knows?

As a matter of policy, should the United States always back democratically elected leaders? Or is it OK to sometimes back the opposition, even armed opposition, if the elected leaders have clearly failed?

I’ve gotten a bunch of email about Haiti, so hopefully this post explains why I haven’t commented on it before now. I have no idea what’s going on, who to believe, or what the right policy should have been, and there’s not much point in pretending otherwise.

For what it’s worth, The Progress Report has lots of links and Randy Paul at Beautiful Horizons is generally reliable on Latin American affairs. Jeanne d’Arc has also been following events.

If I come across anything especially interesting, I’ll link to it. Until then, I’m planning to keep my trap shut.