JUST AROUND THE CORNER….President Bush’s new TV ads are here. Josh Marshall thinks the campaign’s main theme is “It’s not my fault,” but I’m not so sure.

Take a look at ad #1 in particular. Could “Today America is turning the corner” be any closer to “It’s morning again in America” without triggering a copyright infringement suit? Hell, even the music of the two commercials is similar. Don’t believe me? Here’s the Bush ad and here’s the Reagan ad. Compare for yourself.

The other Bush ads are pretty standard issue stuff, also very Reaganesque in theme if not quite so obviously ripped off. Lots of flags being raised, images of Middle America, paeans to small business owners, “strong leadership,” etc.

Will it work? Hard to say. The big difference between the Bush ads and “Morning in America” is that Reagan could genuinely cite some good statistics: inflation down, employment up, interest rates down, and so forth. Bush is limited to vague statements that, um, prosperity is just around the corner.

Hmmm, come to think of it, that old Hoover wheeze is mighty close to “America is turning the corner,” isn’t it? Maybe those endless comparisons of Bush to Hoover have paid off after all. Even the Bush campaign seems to have it stuck in its collective unconscious.