NUKES FOR NIGERIA….Is Pakistan still peddling nukes?

Pakistan yesterday offered to share military assistance, including “nuclear power” with Nigeria, in defiance of President George Bush’s new counter-proliferation initiative.

….”Speaking at the opening of the discussions, the Pakistani chairman of joint chiefs of staff … said that his country is working out the dynamics of how they can assist Nigeria’s armed forces to strengthen its military capability and to acquire nuclear power,” the Nigerian press release said. Neither the Pakistani nor the Nigerian governments clarified what Gen Khan had in mind.

Today the two countries decided a clarification might be in order after all: it was a “typographical error.”

They said Gen Aziz Khan had boasted of Pakistan’s nuclear capability…and, separately, had offered to help Nigeria produce defence equipment. “But somewhere, these two things seem to have got mixed up. All you people from India and Pakistan speak too fast.”

So noted.

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