MCCAIN FOR VEEP?….Some days are kind of slow and dull. Other days I have trouble keeping up with all the weirdness:

[John] McCain said he would consider the unorthodox step of running for vice president on the Democratic ticket — in the unlikely event he received such an offer from the presidential candidate.

“John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years,” McCain said Wednesday when pressed to squelch speculation about a Kerry-McCain ticket. “Obviously I would entertain it.”

McCain has developed a favorable rep among Democrats because he’s such an honest, straight talking guy, but keep in mind that Barry Goldwater was too. And guess who won Goldwater’s seat in the Senate after he retired?

Yeah, John McCain, the “early foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution.” He may be a nice guy to have a beer with, but he’s really conservative, and the fact that he has an occasional spat with George Bush doesn’t really change that.

Of course, McCain knows that perfectly well: “It’s impossible to imagine the Democratic Party seeking a pro-life, free-trading, non-protectionist, deficit hawk,” he said. “They’d have to be taking some steroids, I think, in order to let that happen.”

For now, I think I’ll keep my money on John Edwards, Evan Bayh, Bill Nelson, and all the other conventional possibilities. Besides, wouldn’t McCain first have to give up his position as a leader of Bush’s re-election campaign in Arizona….?

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