PARTISAN POLITICS….Here in the United States, a president can nearly get impeached for being indiscreet about his sexual life. In retrospect, many of us think things might have gotten a little out of hand during that episode.

In South Korea the president has just been impeached ? really impeached ? for saying “I want to do everything within legal boundaries to support the Uri Party.”

Presidents are supposed to stay neutral in South Korea and the National Electoral Commission deemed this to be a minor infraction. But when the opposition asked Roh to apologize, he refused. They asked again, he still refused. On Friday he finally did, but it was too late:

With the decorum of a kindergarten class, some of the nation’s leading politicians ? mostly middle-aged men in somber suits ? pushed and shoved and threw paper and furniture. Roh supporters screamed that the assembly was staging a “coup d’etat.”

One legislator fainted. Others burst into tears. Pro-Roh legislators joined hands and sang the national anthem as they were dragged out.

Later, the Uri Party issued a statement saying that all of its 42 members in the assembly were resigning.

Remember this the next time you think politics in America has gotten too partisan and bitter.