CLARKE CORROBORATION….Is Clarke right that the Bush administration’s first instinct after 9/11 was to attack Iraq, not Afghanistan? Katherine R at Obsidian Wings, on hiatus from her hiatus (translation: yes, I’m addicted to blogging after all), reminds us that Clarke isn’t the only one who’s told this story. Britain’s ambassador to Washington said the same thing over a year ago.

Details here.

UPDATE: But why were so many people in the Bush administration convinced that Iraq was behind 9/11? As Peter Bergen asked in a Washington Monthly article a few months ago, “Where did this faith come from?”

Luckily, as Matt Yglesias reminds us, Peter Bergen also answered the question in that same article. It’s a pretty interesting answer, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tim Dunlop has excerpts from The Age of Sacred Terror that provide more background on Clarke, terrorism, counterterrorism, and Iraq. It’s here, here, and here.