CHARACTER ASSASSINATION….Here’s a tidbit from Krugman’s latest column that I hadn’t seen before:

That’s why the administration responded to Mr. Clarke the way it responds to anyone who reveals inconvenient facts: with a campaign of character assassination….On CNN, Wolf Blitzer told his viewers that unnamed officials were saying that Mr. Clarke “wants to make a few bucks, and that [in] his own personal life, they’re also suggesting that there are some weird aspects in his life as well.”

They’re a real bunch of sweethearts, aren’t they? I wonder what “weird aspects” these cowards are whispering about behind his back?

UPDATE: My bad. Wonkette reports that the “weirdness” is pretty much what you might think it is from this gang. I must have been out of the loop yesterday.

What a disgusting gang of thugs and cretins. Hell, I hope they do go public with this, just to show the country their true colors.

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