AIR AMERICA RADIO….The new liberal talk radio network, Air America Radio, is supposed to start up in a few minutes, beginning with Al Franken’s show at noon Eastern time. Here’s the lineup so far:

  • New York: WLIB 1190 AM

  • Chicago: WNTD 950 AM

  • Los Angeles: KBLA 1580 AM

  • Portland, OR: KPOJ 620 AM

  • Inland Empire, CA: KCAA 1050 AM

  • XM Radio: Channel 167

I just tuned in to KBLA and couldn’t even get reception, which means I’ll probably miss the whole thing unless Air America’s website has streaming audio the way they promise. No sign of it yet, though. I sure hope their other stations have a little more reach than KBLA.

So will Air America succeed? In the LA Times today a couple of conservatives say no. Why? Apparently because they agree that liberals “have this Y chromosome that looks for balance and dignity and decency.” What’s more, Franken himself is a “nuanced liberal.”

Maybe they’re right. But if “balance and dignity and decency” are the hallmarks of the left, I think I’ll stick with my side regardless. There are more important things than having a popular radio show.

UPDATE: OK, streaming audio seems to be up now. Here it is.

UPDATE 2: I thought maybe my radio was just too close to all my computer gear, but I just went out to my car and tuned into WBLA and all I got was a staticy version of “Hotel California.” Nice song and all, but not what I was after. I guess OC is just out of range. I did manage to catch a few moments of streaming audio, but after a few seconds it went out too. Teething pains.

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