QUOTES OF THE DAY….Well, quotes of yesterday, anyway:

  • Nancy Pelosi, on George Bush’s insistence that he and Dick Cheney will only talk to the 9/11 commission together: “It’s embarrassing to the president of the United States that they won’t let him go in without holding the hand of the vice president of the United States. I think it reinforces the idea that the president cannot go it alone. The president should stand tall, walk in the room himself and answer the questions.”

  • Jamie Gorelick, on the continuing cat and mouse games Bush is playing with the 9/11 commission: “We can’t afford to have documents that are relevant to our inquiry being withheld on a technicality. This is not litigation. This is finding facts to help the nation, and we should not treat this as if we’re adversarial parties here.”

Thanks to Atrios and Josh Marshall. Nominate more QotD in comments!

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