IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN….Via Hesiod, even Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf thinks Iraq is a distraction from the fight against al-Qaeda:

In an interview to be broadcast on Monday night on Australian public television SBS, Musharraf said his government was receiving “very minimal” assistance as it tried to pacify tribal areas along the Afghan border where leaders of Al Qaeda and the former Afghan Taleban regime are believed hiding.

Asked if the US-led Iraq war has been a distraction from the battle against Al Qaeda and Taleban remnants by diverting resources from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Musharraf replied: “Yes indeed”.

Sure, maybe Musharraf is playing games just to shake loose more money from Uncle Sam. On the other hand, he’s the one on the front lines in this war, and Rumsfeld keeps saying that our front line commanders in Iraq can get whatever they want just by asking. How about the front line commanders in the fight against al-Qaeda?

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