SADDAM MOVED TO QATAR?….According to Robert Fisk, Saddam Hussein is no longer being held in Iraq:

The United States has secretly flown Saddam Hussein out of Iraq and imprisoned him under high security in a Gulf Arab state.

After his capture in December, he was initially taken by helicopter to a US aircraft carrier in Gulf waters for extensive interrogation.

After lengthy questioning, he was transferred to an American air base in the Gulf Arab state of Qatar, although the emirate’s royal family was not even told of his presence.

American news sources haven’t picked up on this for some reason, but it’s all over the world press. The presumption is that he was moved because Iraq was no longer a safe place to keep him, although that doesn’t really make much sense to me. Surely the United States has plenty of bases that are still perfectly secure?

There’s no confirmation of this yet, and it’s not even clear if it means much of anything. For now, I’m just passing it along.

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