DECLASSIFYING THE BRIEF….The White House is “actively” working to declassify the August 6 Presidential Daily Briefing ? the one titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S” ? and plans to make it available to the public.

Fine. But why oh why did it take so long? And why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot by stonewalling so long on this kind of stuff? My guess is that, as usual, there really won’t be anything especially damaging there. But by holding out so long they sure make it look like they’re afraid to let people see it.

Despite their constant intonations on the subject, I suspect they still don’t understand that 9/11 really was different. The American public wants to see their president cooperate with the investigation into this extraordinary tragedy, not skulk around like a guilty schoolboy who forgot to do his homework the previous night.

What they should be doing is making a special effort to declassify more than usual ? as much as they can without genuinely harming national security. Instead they’re doing just the opposite. And like Saddam with his WMD, everyone is wondering why they’re acting guilty if they have nothing to hide. I suspect the answer is the same in both cases.

UPDATE: Brian Balta points out that it’s really even worse than I’m painting it. Well, of course it is. There are limits to my command of English, after all.