BLACKLIST….Via Daily Kos, this is pretty hilarious:

A Republican campaign committee is accusing U.S. Rep. Brad Carson of promoting radical, anti-President Bush Web sites while claiming to be a conservative Oklahoma Democrat.

….[Dan] Allen based his criticism of Carson on entries the lawmaker has made on his campaign’s official weblog, encouraging supporters to read other Web sites.

He said one Web site by a California university professor, Brad DeLong, suggests that Bush should be impeached, and another, the Daily Kos, attracts users who post rants against the war in Iraq along with claims that Americans, including Republicans and the media, do not care about the troops dying in battle.

Nice try, Dan. Recommending that people “read other Web sites” is downright dangerous, though I notice that Carson also includes on his daily reading list RealClear Politics and Dan Drezner, not exactly part of the VLWC.

Congratulations to Brad and Kos for making it onto the National Republican Senatorial Committee blacklist.

UPDATE: Brad Carson responds. Aside from liking rabblerousers like Brad and Kos, he apparently has a sense of humor too.