BEYOND THE PDB….Via Dave Neiwert, this 2003 column from Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball has an interesting paragraph near the end:

Some sources who have read the still-secret congressional report say some sections would not play quite so neatly into White House plans. One portion deals extensively with the stream of U.S. intelligence-agency reports in the summer of 2001 suggesting that Al Qaeda was planning an upcoming attack against the United States?and implicitly raises questions about how Bush and his top aides responded.

One such CIA briefing, in July 2001, was particularly chilling and prophetic. It predicted that Osama bin Laden was about to launch a terrorist strike ?in the coming weeks,? the congressional investigators found. The intelligence briefing went on to say: ?The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties against U.S. facilities or interests. Attack preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or no warning.?

Granted, it still doesn’t say airplanes, box cutters, World Trade Center, and 9/11, but it does seem like the kind of thing that ought to have grabbed President Bush’s attention, doesn’t it?