DEATH SQUAD OUTRAGE….Matt “Death Squad” Yglesias wonders why there hasn’t been more outrage among liberals about the rumored appointment of John Negroponte as Iraq’s new ambassador cum viceroy beginning July 1. A brief explanation of Negroponte’s unfitness is here.

So why no outrage from this corner? Aside from the fact that it’s still just a rumor, the answer is…..weariness. I mean, there are only so many hours in a day and only so many things to be outraged about.

After all, Bush already appointed Negroponte as ambassador to the UN, so we know he doesn’t have any problem with his background. And he originally appointed Henry Kissinger as head of the 9/11 commission, so we know he has no shame. And he’s also appointed Elliot Abrams and John Poindexter to positions in his administration, so we know he’s not worried about associating with Iran-Contra almost-but-not-quite felons. And the original rumor was that Paul Wolfowitz would be the new ambassador to Iraq, so we know that irony is lost on him.

Basically, then, Bush is just doing what you expect from Bush. Still, it is outrageous, isn’t it? So here goes: this is a bad choice. Really bad. Bush should back off and pick someone else. Negroponte is bad news.

Sure, that’s pathetic. Sorry. But there’s another thing to keep in mind here anyway: who the hell would want this job? Bush’s shortlist is probably really short. A weakness for death squads may be the least of his concerns.

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