BLAIR AND BUSH….Was Tony Blair consulted about President Bush’s new policy on Israel? It depends on the meaning of “consult”:

It emerged yesterday Britain was consulted in general terms by the White House before Wednesday’s announcement. Downing Street’s influence appeared to be negligible as attempts to rein in Mr Bush were ignored.

(Italics mine.)

I realize that Blair no longer has much choice except to stick close to Bush no matter what, but I wonder what he’s really feeling these days? He obviously believes strongly in the war, but at the same time he also took a very considerable political risk in supporting Bush, defying both his own party and the majority of the British people. And what’s he gotten in return? As near as I can tell Bush has stiffed him on every single tangible thing he’s asked for since the war ended. Does he scream at the television set in private? Does he just grin and bear it? Or what?

And how come there are no books to tell us? In America, Paul O’Neill has written a book, Karen Hughes has written a book, and Bob Woodward has written two books. Has anyone close to Blair written a book?

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