REFORMING THE LEGISLATURE….Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks California should go back to having a part-time legislature (“Spending so much time in Sacramento, without anything to do, then out of that comes strange bills”). The Los Angeles Times thinks we need to make term limits longer. And everyone (in theory) opposes gerrymandering.

I smell a winner here! I don’t really think a part-time legislature is appropriate for a state the size of California, but I’m open to compromise. How about a ballot initiative that reduces the legislative session, doubles the length of term limits, and puts redistricting in the hands of some kind of nonpartisan commission? Call it the Legislative Reform Package of 2004.

I don’t like initiatives much to begin with, but even I’d be tempted to vote for something like this ? as long as a bunch of miscellaneous crap weren’t tacked on to it. And since Schwarzenegger is a fan of the initiative process, it’s a perfect vehicle for him. How about it, Arnold?