PROBLEMS IN IRAQ….A much-hyped story by Jason Vest about the Iraq occupation is now online at an alternative weekly near you (here’s the Village Voice version). It’s based on a memo written by “a U.S. government official detailed to the CPA, who wrote this summation of observations he’d made in the field for a senior CPA director.”

My initial take on the story was that I was really, really annoyed that it didn’t include a link to the memo itself. In fact, I was so annoyed that I erased a post I wrote about it this morning and didn’t link to it at all. Apparently, though, I wasn’t the only one ticked off about this, and the full memo is now online.

It’s hard to know what to make of this memo since we don’t know who wrote it, but it’s an interesting assessment from someone on the ground about what our problems are. I’m not sure there’s an awful lot in it that we haven’t heard before (CPA folks spend too much time spent in the Green Zone, the Iraqis are afraid of civil war, border security is bad, cronyism and nepotism are rampant), but we haven’t heard it all from government sources before. Worth reading.