STRETCHING THE TRUTH….The latest from Woodward. Here is the CIA’s first crack at a presentation about Iraqi WMD that might be convincing to the general public:

“Nice try,” Bush said. “I don’t think this is quite — it’s not something that Joe Public would understand or would gain a lot of confidence from.”

Card was also underwhelmed. The presentation was a flop. In terms of marketing, the examples didn’t work, the charts didn’t work, the photos were not gripping, the intercepts were less than compelling.

….”Needs a lot more work,” Bush told Card and Rice. “Let’s get some people who’ve actually put together a case for a jury.” He wanted some lawyers, prosecutors if need be. They were going to have to go public with something.

The president told Tenet several times, “Make sure no one stretches to make our case.”

Right. No stretching. That sounds like the Bush we know, doesn’t it?

Of course, considering that this presentation was made in late December 2002, it was a little late for that warning, wasn’t it?