JOHN KERRY IN VIETNAM….Speaking of non-print mediums, I was listening to Hugh Hewitt’s show for a few minutes last night (Matt Yglesias was on) and the whole segment was just appalling. LT Smash was also a guest and they were talking about John Kerry’s war record.

Now, here’s a guy who volunteered for duty in Vietnam, won a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, and three Purple Hearts, consistently showed bravery under fire, and received glowing evaluations from his superiors while serving our country in combat.

So what did Hugh and Smash do? They spent the segment serving up dark innuendos about how maybe Kerry wasn’t injured all that badly, then followed up with observations about how grade inflation meant that maybe his evaluations weren’t all that good, and finally finished up with shadowy suggestions that since it’s taken him all of three days to get his military records up on the web, maybe it means he has something to hide.

It was unbelievable. These guys pretend to honor military virtues and then spend their airtime trashing a guy who volunteered for duty in Vietnam and was genuinely heroic under fire while he was there. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that at least on the subject of Kerry’s fitness reports, Phil Carter sets the record straight today. I hope Hugh and Smash read it.