IRANIAN BOMBS….Is Iran accelerating its bombmaking too?

An Iranian opposition group with sources inside Iran’s military is making public a list of the senior military personnel and military units it says are involved in Iran’s secret nuclear weapons programs.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) says in a summary of its findings that Iran is rushing to complete a first nuclear bomb in “between one and two years.”

….The Iranian opposition group’s summary says the view of Iran’s government is that “because of its problems in Iraq, the United States has no choice but to go soft on Iran.”

Based on other reports, it’s hard to say whether NCRI is really reporting anything new here, although U.S. sources seem to be taking it seriously. But that last paragraph caught my eye.

I’m not sure I buy it ? something about it just doesn’t click ? but NCRI is supposed to release a more complete report later Wednesday. I’ll be curious to see how Iran experts react to it.

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