CHALABI WATCH….Matt Yglesias writes that “Plans for fixing the mess in Iraq are spreading like kudzu through the circles of punditry.” Indeed they are. Barbara Lerner, for example, believes that the root of our problems is not that Donald Rumsfeld stubbornly refused to listen to his own Army Chief of Staff, but that the president did not listen enough to Donald Rumsfeld:

Rumsfeld’s plan was to train and equip ? and then transport to Iraq ? some 10,000 Shia and Sunni freedom fighters led by Shia exile leader Ahmed Chalabi and his cohorts in the INC, the multi-ethnic anti-Saddam coalition he created.

This never happened, of course, thanks to Colin Powell, George Tenet, and “State Department Arabists.” But there’s still hope:

It is not yet too late for us to recognize these facts and act on them by dismissing Brahimi, putting Secretary Rumsfeld and our Iraqi friends fully in charge at last, and unleashing our Marines to make an example of Fallujah. And when al Jazeera screams “massacre,” instead of cringing and apologizing, we need to stand tall and proud and tell the world: Lynch mobs like the one that slaughtered four Americans will not be tolerated.

Indeed. What we really need in Iraq is more Chalabi. These folks just never give up, do they?