ALWAYS CLICK THE LINK….From Instapundit today:


North Korea, probably the world’s most secretive and isolated nation, has offered an olive branch to the US by promising never to sell nuclear materials to terrorists, calling for Washington’s friendship and saying it does not want to suffer the fate of Iraq.


Actually, that did sound interesting. It’s at least arguable that Libya gave up its WMD partly in response to the American invasion of Iraq, so maybe North Korea wants to get on the bandwagon too. But here’s the context:

Mr Kim rejected the notion that North Korea would never give up nuclear weapons. He argued that Pyongyang ? branded by Mr Bush as part of the “axis of evil” ? was developing nuclear weapons purely to deter a US attack. “We don’t want to suffer the fate of Iraq,” he told Mr Harrison.

….Mr Kim told Mr Harrison he thought Mr Bush was delaying resolution of the North Korean issue because of the war in Iraq and the US presidential election later this year. But he said: “Time is not on his side. We are going to use this time 100 per cent effectively to strengthen our nuclear deterrent both quantitatively and qualitatively.”

In other words, what North Korea was actually saying was exactly the opposite of what Instapundit’s post implies: the invasion of Iraq has made them more determined to keep their nuclear program, not less. Gotta deter those imperialistic warmonger Americans.

Mind you, I don’t know that I believe a word they say in any case, but they said what they said. Always click the link.

UPDATE: Glenn agrees that his initial reading of the Financial Times article was probably wrong. He’s updated his post.