TAGUBA REPORT FULL TEXT….MSNBC has posted the full text of the Taguba Report on abuses at Abu Ghraib prison. I haven’t examined it yet, but wanted to point it out to anyone who’s interested in reading the full text. Maybe someone can email a copy to Richard Myers, Don Rumsfeld, and George Bush.

And while we’re on the subject, Tacitus has several suggestions for actions the Army could take outside the (necessarily slow) confines of the military justice system. I especially like this one:

The third and final act that is within the Army’s power is to disband the 372nd Military Police Company. Dissolve it entirely; never resurrect the unit designation; strip it of its citations; bury the guidon in disgrace in front of all its soldiers and an Iraqi delegation in Iraq; scatter its alumni to the four corners of the Army. Cruel? Yes. Harsh? You bet. Salutary? Absolutely. The Army is a closed society that treasures its hierarchy and its heritage: institutional oblivion is therefore among its most dreaded fates. This ought to be the fate of the 372nd, with all the public humiliation and display that can be mustered. To the soldiers, it will say that there will be little mercy and no mitigation for crimes in America’s service; to Iraqis, it will say that we have excised our cancer and are moving decisively forward. To Americans, it will say that we have the courage to be the best, not by comparison, but as an end in itself.

I know that I sure wouldn’t want to be assigned to the 372nd knowing its history. Disbanding it sounds like a good idea to me.

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