NO MORE CHALABI….Better late than never, I suppose:

The United States government has decided to halt monthly $335,000 payments to the Iraqi National Congress, the group headed by Ahmad Chalabi, an official with the group said on Monday.

….Mr. Chalabi’s group has received at least $27 million in United States financing in the past four years, the Iraqi National Congress official said. This includes $335,000 a month as part of a classified program through the Defense Intelligence Agency, since the summer of 2002, to help gather intelligence in Iraq.

….The official said he did not know why the government decided not to extend the program again.

Gee, maybe I can help out here. Is it possible the program wasn’t extended because Ahmed Chalabi is a scheming opportunist, a fair weather friend, and provided demonstrably false and manufactured “intelligence” to the United States over the past decade? Could that be the reason?

Actually, come to think of it, that’s probably not the reason. After all, we’re talking about the Bush administration here. Must have been something else….

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