LAKERS UPDATE….I promised an emailer this morning that I’d have a Lakers post tonight, win or lose. So this is it. If anyone foolishly wants to go on record as predicting that the Wolves are going to come back from their dismal first half performance, this is your chance.

Your last chance….

UPDATE: Justice is done. All is right with the universe.

UPDATE 2: Kind of a bummer ending on 24, though. Chase got his hand cut off, the president has pulled out of the race, and Tony’s under arrest. But hey ? at least Chloe the IT person survived the whole season! I think she’s the first one to do so.

And one more thing: are they really pretending that surgeons are trying to reattach Chase’s hand? I mean, it’s not like it was cut off with a surgical saw, folks, it was hacked off with a fire axe. It’s pulp. Sheesh.