WAL-MART….The National Trust for Historic Preservation has announced that the entire state of Vermont is in danger of invasion from Wal-Mart. Dan Drezner thinks they’ll be singing a different tune in 2104:

The grand irony, of course, is that a century from now — when Wal-Marts and other big box stores are threatened from whatever the new new thing in retail turns out to be — I have no doubt that the National Trust will start landmarking the big box stores and decrying our lost retail heritage.

Now there’s a comforting image: a century hence we’ll all be misting up when the North American regional planning arm of the United Nations Global Protectorate gives the order to vaporize the world’s last remaining Wal-Mart. Old timers, whiling away their golden years in their cyborg bodies in condominums on the moon, will bore their grandchildren with memories of how they spent their childhoods at the local Wal-Mart exchanging money for trinkets and candy bars. Their grandchildren will roll their “eyes” silently, not understanding the meaning of “childhood,” “local,” “Wal-Mart,” “money,” “trinket,” or “candy bar.”

Ah, memories….