The key divide between current and former Chalabi supporters I’m told remains between those who’ve seen what Chalabi is alleged to have done, and those who haven’t.

There’s more discussion of Michael Ledeen, one of those in the “haven’t” category, here. Ledeen’s piece in NRO today (here) is a real mishmash, plainly desperate to avoid the one thing that makes Chalabi different from other Iraqis who are also close to the Iranians: he is alleged to have passed highly damaging classified intel to them. That’s a big difference.

Then again, as Laura points out, Ledeen still doesn’t believe this ? for reasons that continue not to make sense to me. (Although at least he calls them “tacit” this time around, which I take to mean he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.) One of his friends really needs to clue him in quick before he embarrasses himself further.