THE OSAMA FACTOR….I’m guessing pretty much everyone has seen this already, but here’s a slightly longer excerpt from last night’s repugnant CNN segment ? which apparently has been replayed several times this morning as well. The vital question at hand is: which candidate is al-Qaeda endorsing in the November election?

KELLI ARENA, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Miles, it’s something that we’ve heard a lot about, a possible al Qaeda plot to influence elections. But there hasn’t been a lot of discussion about what the objectives might be. So we checked in with some terror experts to find out.

….M.J. GOHEL, ASIA-PACIFIC FOUNDATION: If, for instance, say, George Bush was in the lead in the opinion polls right now and an attack took place and that changes the equation as it did, for instance in Spain, then al Qaeda would feel that it has scored a major success.

….ASHCROFT: We believe, for example, the attack in Spain [which led to the defeat of the incumbent party] is one that is viewed by al Qaeda as particularly effective in advancing al Qaeda objectives.

….BEN VENZKE, INTELCENTER: Al Qaeda feels that Bush is, even despite casualties, right or wrong for staying there is going to stay much longer than possibly what they might hope a Democratic administration would.

Hey, all three terror experts agree! Osama wants Kerry to win!

This goes beyond unbelievable. Are these guys on the White House payroll, or what?

Atrios has the right idea about this: express your opinion directly to Eason Jordan, CNN’s chief news executive, at Polite emails usually work better, but I’ll understand just this once if you find that difficult.