PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE….I see that the Supreme Court punted today in the Pledge of Allegiance case. Three justices said “under God” was no big deal (and Antonin Scalia surely would have joined them if he hadn’t recused himself), but the rest of the court weaseled out by deciding that Michael Newdow had no standing to bring the case on behalf of his daughter because he doesn’t have custody:

When hard questions of domestic relations are sure to affect the outcome, a prudent course is for the federal court to stay its hand rather than reach out to resolve a weighty question of federal constitutional law.

Bah. What a bunch of cowards. If they had any guts they would have approved the wording of the pledge but insisted on a firm rotation of “under God,” “under Allah,” “under Jehovah,” and a few other choices that escape me at the moment. That would liven up the campaign season, wouldn’t it?

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