MORE ENRON TAPES….More Enron tapes from CBS: “I want to see what pain and heartache this is going to cause Nevada Power Company. I want to fuck with Nevada for a while.”

Charming. Aside from the smoking gun tapes themselves, though, I was glad to see that the CBS segment focused on the two things that are really the most infuriating about this whole affair:

  • FERC has had these tapes for more than two years and has resisted releasing them. Who the hell are they protecting?

  • At the height of the crisis several states, including California, signed long term power contracts at high prices. But even though it’s now clear that these contracts were substantially the result of deliberate fraud, the Bush administration has declined to endorse efforts to void the contracts.

Of course, Kenny Boy knew nothing about this. It was just a few bad apples, right?

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