MICHAEL BARONE EXAMINES HISTORY….I think I’m going to be sick. In the latest entry in the Bombastic George Bush Mythmaking Contest, Michael Barone compares Bush ? seriously! ? to Abraham Lincoln. John Kerry is slotted into the McClellan position and the Democratic Party is compared to the 1864 Copperheads who wanted to allow the South to secede and had no beef with slavery.

The increasing probability of a Bush loss in November is apparently driving conservatives toward insanity. Bush is Lincoln. Kerry is a secret appeaser. Changing horses now would be more disastrous than in World War I, World War II, Korea, the Vietnam War, or the Cold War.

And all without even a scintilla of evidence that Kerry would be any less forceful in prosecuting a war against actual terrorists than George Bush ? aside, of course, from his inexplicable conduct as a candidate for office in actually criticizing Bush. This, in Barone’s view, is apparently what makes him unfit for office.

The stench of desperation is everywhere in this piece. I hope that’s good news.

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