HEY, STUFF HAPPENS….Rich Lowry writes about the Washington Post poll showing that George Bush’s approval rating for handling the war on terrorism has plummeted:

This Washington Post poll is disturbing today. A year or so ago, Bush critics set out to undermine Bush’s credibilty and to undermine his standing on the war on terror. With help from events outside anyone’s control–especially no WMDs in Iraq–they have now made major progress on both fronts.

Don’t you love this? “Events outside anyone’s control.” You’d think the fact that Bush badly misjudged the security situation despite the advice of military experts, that he wildly exaggerated the intel about both WMD and al-Qaeda ties, that he thumbed his nose at the entire international community before the war, and that he populated the CPA with ideological hacks ? you’d think he was just an innocent bystander to all that.

It’s amazing the blind loyalty he inspires in his fellow travelers. Is there anything that these guys are willing to admit is Bush’s fault?