IT’S A GOOD THING HE WASN’T ON THE RADIO….Apparently “Go fuck yourself” is now Dick Cheney’s answer to administration critics:

According to congressional aides, [Sen. Patrick] Leahy said hello to Cheney following the taking of the Senate group photo on the floor of the chamber.

Cheney, who is president of the Senate, then ripped into Leahy for the Democratic senator’s criticism this week of alleged war profiteering in Iraq by Halliburton, the oil services company that Cheney once ran.

….During their exchange, Leahy noted that Republicans had accused Democrats of being anti-Catholic because they are opposed to some of President Bush’s anti-abortion judges, the aides said.

That’s when Cheney unloaded with the “F-bomb,” aides said.

Let’s cut the guy some slack, though. After all, he’s probably got some heavy stuff on his mind these days.