Times on Edwards

TIMES ON EDWARDS….Did the LA Times assign their John Edwards editorial today to someone from the Bush campaign? A wee sample:

Kerry’s choice of Edwards for No. 2 on his ticket…reflecting Kerry’s caution and, some might say, his lack of vision…a lack of core beliefs could be a significant problem. The more frightening possibility, though, is that Edwards does have core beliefs.

Edwards…nearly insane ambition…tougher issue…is whether he has garnered enough experience for the world’s biggest job. A short answer to that is: No….In recent elections, voters have shown a clear and probably wise preference for governors over members of Congress….Republicans can brag that their ticket not only has a former governor and current president on the top but has as No. 2 the former chief executive of a company….

One more thing. Edwards is handsome.

Yeesh. And it’s actually worse if you read the whole thing. Did someone on the Times’ editorial staff get sued by John Edwards once?

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