TRIAL LAWYERS….We will be hearing a lot about the fact that John Edwards is a trial lawyer in the days to come, and most of it is captured in a nutshell by this email to Jonah Goldberg from a trial lawyer eager to set the record straight:

Dear Jonah – When you say “trial lawyers,” I think you mean “plaintiffs’ attorneys.” Or more specifically, “contingent fee plaintiffs’ attorneys.” I’m a “trial lawyer,” but I hardly think you’d object to what I do all day long ? defend corporate clients from malicious and baseless lawsuits filed by overzealous plaintiffs’ attorneys. So, when you say “trial lawyers,” be careful ? you may be alienating an innocent sector of your NRO readership.

You gotta love this. Corporate lawyers: doing God’s work. Plaintiff’s lawyers: filing malicious and baseless lawsuits. The world would surely be a better place if Fortune 500 corporations and their $500/hour legal staff were left in peace without the constant annoyance of being held responsible for their actions, wouldn’t it? That would be Republican Nirvana indeed.

Anyway, shouldn’t the GOP show a little more respect for trial lawyers? As Slacktivist points out, the founder of their party was a trial lawyer, wasn’t he?