WHERE ARE THE REAL REPUBLICANS?….Hey, Andrew Sullivan has to be right once in a while, doesn’t he? Today he links to Kate O’Beirne in National Review wondering why the Republican party is so desperate to hide its true face from the American public:

The lineup of primetime speakers at the Republican Convention predictably reflects its New York location by giving prominent spots to the hosts, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor George Pataki….Joining the hosts will be other mavericks and dissidents who represent a minority in Ronald Reagan’s GOP. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Arizona’s Senator John McCain, and California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will all be at the primetime podium. The only announced speaker who actually agrees with President Bush on major issues is Democratic Senator Zell Miller of Georigia.

….Conservative Republicans should be asking why senators like Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback aren’t enjoying the same public embrace as the New York Times’ favorite Republican.

Whenever you hear anyone ? and you hear it from both liberals and conservatives ? crowing about how conservative the country has become in the past couple of decades, just remember this: if America is so damn conservative, why is the Republican party afraid to put any red-blooded conservatives on prime time TV shortly before the election? Why are they so afraid of the social conservatives who make up the heart and soul of their party?

I’m with Kate on this: Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum deserves a prominent speaking slot at the convention ? and he should be encouraged to speak his mind. Let’s find out just how conservative America really is, shall we?

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