LITTLE INFORMATION, BIG STORIES….In other intelligence news, Muhammad al-Zubaidi, an Iraqi exile who worked with Iraqi defectors before the war, says that the defectors’ stories were pumped up by ? surprise! ? Ahmed Chalabi and the INC:

Mr. Zubaidi contends that the men altered their stories after they met with senior figures in the Iraqi National Congress. Mr. Zubaidi, who acknowledged that he had a bitter split with the I.N.C. in April 2003, said officials of the group prepped the defectors before allowing them to meet with the American intelligence agents and journalists.

“They intentionally exaggerated all the information so they would drag the United States into war,” Mr. Zubaidi said. “We all know the defectors had a little information on which they built big stories.”

The INC’s reaction is their usual one: don’t blame us, we just turned them over to the CIA. It’s not our fault if they believed all this tripe.

We sure know how to pick our friends, don’t we?

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