JOE WILSON’S CREDIBILITY….Call me dense, but I’m still a bit confused about why the warbloggers are all so excited about Joe Wilson’s possible loss of credibility. Even assuming that everything he’s said for the past year is a complete fabrication, that doesn’t make it OK for administration officials to blow the cover of a covert CIA operative who happens to be his wife, does it? What am I missing here?

What’s more, Wilson’s credibility is still an open issue anyway. He long ago admitted that he exaggerated his knowledge of the forged Niger documents, so the current round of gloating is centered entirely on the fairly minor issue of whether his wife Valerie Plame recommended him for his Niger trip. Doyle McManus of the LA Times asked him about this yesterday:

“That’s just false,” Wilson said in a telephone interview Wednesday. He said he was preparing a written rebuttal to the Senate report.

A senior intelligence official said the CIA supports Wilson’s version: “Her bosses say she did not initiate the idea of her husband going?. They asked her if he’d be willing to go, and she said yes,” the official said.

Wilson’s credibility does matter ? most of all to Wilson ? but the jury is still out on this and it’s hard to see how it affects the Plame affair anyway.

As for me, I’m still planning to wait for Fitzgerald’s report. I’m not wildly optimistic that he’ll come up with anything, but he’s still the guy to watch, not Joe Wilson.

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