RED AND BLUE….Anne Kornblut says in Slate today that “Red and blue are states of mind,” and she has a quiz to prove it. I’m skeptical, though: so far everyone who’s taken it seems to have ended up in the middle. As you can see, that’s where I ended up too ? actually, a bit pinkish, even, which is how I like my steaks, not my politics. In reality, I’m a lifelong blue stater with blue state parents and blue state sensibilities.

Unfortunately, general knowledge seems to be the quiz’s downfall. Yeah, I know who wrote the Book of Revelation, I know who Laura Schlesinger is, and I know how many hours a day Rush Limbaugh broadcasts. That doesn’t mean I’m religious, that I’m homophobic, or that I’m a dittohead. I know those things the same way that I know that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day ? and with about as much emotional attachment.

And two questions about Wal-Mart? Come on.

But what the hell. Take the quiz anyway. Quizzes are always fun, right? And arguing about them is more fun still.