TOUGH TALK….Who said this?

I will stay here until 2006. I will stay here, and I will fight like a warrior for the people. And there is no one that can stop me. If anyone pushes me around, I will push back, including the Democrats and the special interests. Trust me.

Yep, it was Arnold. As usual, the California budget is overdue (June 30 is the deadline) and everyone is bickering.

The kicker is that no one’s even arguing about the budget at this point. We’ve actually got agreement on the budget document itself, but Arnold refuses to consider it unless Democrats agree to also toss in two completely unrelated anti-labor measures. And if they don’t agree, he’s threatening to campaign against a “target list” of vulnerable Democrats this fall.

So to summarize: everyone agrees on the budget. The only holdup is that Arnold is demanding some extra goodies on the side to please his corporate contributors, and if the Dems don’t give it to him he’s going to campaign against them.

And Arnold’s characterization of this? Democrats are being narrowly partisan and kowtowing to special interests. Talk about your pots and kettles….

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