GETTING THEIR ACT TOGETHER….From Atrios, blogging from the convention:

…the DNC has a serious problem here ? the media facilities for most members of the media, and I don’t just meen the Sheboygan Weekly Reader, I mean the New York Times, really really really really suck. There are a shortage of power outlets. A shortage of ethernet connections. Print/radio media have to trade off small numbers of floor passes between them. Air America is stuck in the radio ghetto, instead of having one of the few cushy real radio booths.

As a friend in radio just told me, (quoting roughly), “We spent weeks trying to get a table here. Two weeks ago someone from the RNC sent us an email to set everything up, asked us for list of desired guests so they could schedule them for us, etc…”

What is the deal with this? We hear variations on this observation every four years, and it just boggles the mind. Various bloggers, for example, are reporting that the wireless internet access in the convention hall is pretty sucky too.

I know, I know, I don’t belong to an organized political party, I’m a Democrat, yada, yada, yada. But seriously, is there really still such a big gap in basic organizational chops between the parties? Why?

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