LOVE THEM TAXI DRIVERS….Kerryphobe Mickey Kaus talks to a taxi driver in Boston:

Passenger: “Fleet Center, please.”

Boston cab driver (an immigrant): “You like John Kerry, eh?”

Passenger: “Well, I’m a Democrat but I don’t really like Kerry that much.”

Cab driver: “I hear that all day. All day. ‘I don’t like Kerry.’ Why you pick him if you don’t like him?”

Democrat hater and war supporter Neal Boortz talks to a taxi driver in Boston:

Had a Boston taxi driver yesterday from Iraq. He’s going back home to visit his parents in a few weeks. He was none-too-pleased with the Democrats. He believes that Democrats hate his country and want Saddam to be back in power. He was adamant that things are much better in Iraq than the media is saying … and he’s at a loss as to why all of these media types won’t tell the truth.

I’m happy to see that immigrant taxi drivers are continuing their longtime habit of providing journalists with exactly the opinions that they themselves happen to have. Kinda brings a tear to my eye.

Both conversations via the cab-loving conservatives at The Corner.